Efficiency in your facilities.

We can offer a maintenance service:

  • Remote
  • Presential

In different modalities in order to better adapt to the needs of our clients:

  • 24×7
  • 8×5 NBD


The maintenance that is carried out on the equipment after the failure has already occurred, in order to restore the equipment to the admissible condition of use.
Corrective maintenance may be planned or unplanned.


The set of preventive actions carried out on the basis of actual knowledge of the state of the equipment, by periodic or continuous measurement of some significant parameter aimed at detecting a failure before it occurs.
The parameters that can be controlled are diverse, for example: temperature, vibrations, noise, oil analysis, energy use, thickness measurements, etc.

In Service

The set of maintenance actions that can be carried out while the equipment is in service. It is also known by other names, such as ongoing maintenance.
It aims to optimise the available resources and try to minimise machine downtime by taking advantage of their operation to carry out tasks where downtime is not essential.

In the Pipeline

It ensures that, in the design phase of the equipment, both common failures and potential failures are analysed and taken into account to try to avoid them and/or improve their repair.
It aims to improve the maintainability of the equipment from the design stage.

Other types

  • Improvement Maintenance
    The set of maintenance actions aimed at correcting or improving the equipment’s condition in order to increase its reliability, availability and/or maintainability.
  • Centralised Maintenance
    This is the maintenance organisation in which the scope of action of the individual trades, specialities or workshops extends to the entire work centre.