Electricity Low and Medium Voltage

Light up your projects

We collaborate in the elaboration of the specific project or we carry it out in its entirety.

We monitor the improvement of the needs until we end up with a fully detailed and updated execution project, so that, its usefulness reaches the realisation and legalisation thereof.

Our working tools are the most commonly used by all the construction industry and others developed by ourselves. However, we can use any other tool preferred by the client.

We carry out a planning process with the starting point according to the initial conditions of the electricity supply, on the basis of the data provided by the vendors (requests, preliminary plans …).

We help to develop your ideas.

As of the budget, our intention is to offer real costs in which there are no surprises during the execution of the work.

We carry out new installations as well as renovate the existing electrical installations with the aim of improving their safety conditions and benefit the incorporation of energy efficiency measures.

Do not let an outdated or undersized installation cause you to lose your work or your switch-off time.

We will address your project with great professionalism, applying the highest-level parameters in order to achieve the best possible result.